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Nightopian from NiGHTS into Dreams.

A Nightopian is a resident creature of the Night Dimension who have cone shaped heads, red cheeks, and pink wings.

NiGHTS into Dreams

"Nightopians are carefree, happy inhabitants of Nightopia. They’re born every time balls of light (called Ideya) collide. The sole reason for their existence is to have fun. Because they are incapable of doing anything else, they have no need to work together or to cooperate towards a common goal. As a result, they have no leader, and no language. What they do have, is the ability to see the consciousness of each visitor (dreamers from our world), through Ideya. When visitors arrive, the Nightopians can see their consciousness and recreate the happy world that is hidden deep inside. They’re why Nightopians, who don’t have the capacity for intelligent thought, can sing, dance, and even go fishing."
As stated from the original NiGHTS into Dreams web page, no longer in existence.

In Game

Nightopians were Sonic Team's first Announced "Artificial-life" (A-Life) The game keeps track of the moods of the Nightopians (harming them will displease them, for example), and the game features music engine that changed the background music (BGM) depending on the mood of the Nightopians in that specific level changing tempo, pitch, and melody. Nightopians share a similar role with the Chao in the Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games and other media. This similarity is especially apparent in Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Adventure DX Directors Cut, and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, where the player raises, feeds, and breeds Chao in different Chao gardens.



A Mepian featured on a Christmas Nights into Dreams shirt.

Mepians, in NiGHTS into Dreams are created by grabbing a Nightmaren minion and releasing them before paralooping them. Releasing them will cause the nightmaren to be thrown off in a ball and bounce around the level a few times. In order to make a Mepian, the nightmaren must accidentally collide with a Nightopian. Upon such an event, an egg will be left behind and out from it a Mepian will be born. It is a requirement to have Mepians in your game in order to see the King Nightopian.

King Pian

Through extensive breeding of Nightopians and Mepians a King Pian, or Superpian can be created. This King Pian can be spotted in one of the dream levels by the tower he starts to build.[1] The King Pian, as well as his tower, varies on how well you treat you Nightopians and Mepians alike.

Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams


Nightopians in holiday outfits from Christmas NiGHTS.

Nightopians act the same in Christmas Nights into Dreams as they do in NiGHTS into Dreams. However, their appearance changes for the holidays to sport Red and white hats and matching outfits.
The NiGHTS into Dreams demo disc, also known as Christmas Nights into Dreams, features an unlockable feature known as the Nightopian Collection[2] where you can view your Nightopian information stored in a saved game file. Information displayed is overall happiness of each dream level as well as a graphic for Nightopian and Mepian. This feature is helpful when trying to create the Super Pian.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

Nights: Journey of Dreams allows Nightopians to be collected for the Nightopian Garden by paralooping them. After being paralooped, the nightopians will show up in your Nightopian Garden where they'll sing, play, and add to the garden depending on which levels you play the most.




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