This page is about the differences between the dreams each character in the games has.

NiGHTS into Dreams

  1. While Elliot has some sections that involves NiGHTS transforming in his dreams, Claris' dreams don't. (One exception is Soft Museum)

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

1. Will learned about NiGHTS being a Nightmaren in Delight City, his third dream. Helen learned about NiGHTS being a Nightmaren in Memory Forest, her third dream.

2. In any other Will's dreams, he does not have a dream or mission which has anything to do with athletics (which is odd, considering that he is an aspiring soccer player). In Memory Forest's fourth mission, Helen dualizes with NiGHTS to hit music notes in a pattern to create a song, which involves her being accosiated with music(and is very good at playing the violin).

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