• PeaceableKingdom

    If there isn't, then I'll list some reasons why we need one

    • 1, we need somewhere to share our ideas for sequels.
    • 2, what if there are fans who haven't played the games.
    • 3, characters development,I know one person who definitely needs it,wizeman

    These are all the reasons i have.

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  • Jorgebunny.zare

    Night is Stuck. With Baby Greed The Hedgehog.

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  • Jimbo2003

    bestfriend of games

    July 23, 2014 by Jimbo2003

    Hello...I love sonic 1000% by mario so long I didn't know about knights.....I confess i had see her before but in sonic games and futuers but.... a huge congratoulations do the designers from all this 3D and HD characters

    Google+: jimbo boulios

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  • Diaricks


    November 27, 2011 by Diaricks

    Hi, I'm Diaricks.

    I love video games because I'm like an ultimate tomboy (I can't say I'm a black belt with them though). My favorite kind is when the player has turns because when I'm playing a game which doesn't have that a freak out at every battle, I admit that. However, I still love every kind of modern video game there is and hope to learn as much as I can about them.

    I learned about the NiGHTS games the boring way. I was reading a Simpsons comic book I bought and found an ad for a video game at the back. It said "NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams". When I got home I typed the title on google and found a website for the game (which is sadly no longer on the internet). I got super excited to try to find walk- throughs for the game, but because …

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  • Hikaruyami-having fun*

    New Skin

    October 7, 2010 by Hikaruyami-having fun*

    < User blog:Wh!te$tarOn Sonic Fanon Wiki, we've had a huge discussion (and I mean HUGE) on moving because of the manditory new skin. We agreed to move the site, but what about here? Just to show you, this is the new skin: New wiki skin.jpgView photo detailsAdded by Wh!te$tarNow, we considered everything from protest to Here's the original blog on Sonic Fanon if you'd like. [1]

    Here are the option we proposed in general

    1) Move the wiki. Basically everyone voted for this.

    2)Protest. Alot of people protested, but the wiki people are too thickheaded.

    3)accept it. Literally nobody voted for this!

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